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At Kadenwood BioSciences, we believe clarity throughout the entire supply chain is vital to the success and growth of the dynamic, emerging hemp-derived CBD industry.

That is why we have developed a vertically integrated, track-and-trace supply chain. We begin with proprietary genetics and seeds produced via an in-house selective hemp-breeding program. We then optimize biomass growth through access to thousands of acres throughout the U.S. Finally, we manufacture bulk CBD extracts (zero-THC broad-spectrum oil, water soluble, and nano) in our owner and partner-operated extraction and refinement facilities. Our unique experience, expertise and scale provides consistent, third-party verified CBD products at a remarkably competitive cost.

Coast to coast operations. For good reason.

Kadenwood BioSciences operates in multiple growing regions across the United States. We understand that any interruption in the CBD supply chain can create serious challenges to business. That is why we’ve developed a wide matrix of scalable acreage and enclosed greenhouses across the country. This allows us to scale quickly, as well as, research new farming techniques and technologies, all without jeopardizing quality and reliability.

We envision a market where every customer can have the assurance of a safe and verified CBD product. A market where farmers, regulators, and processors work together to create standards, compliance, and regulations. A market that supports growth for years to come.

100% Hemp Operations • Proprietary Genetics • Greenhouse Program • Large-Scale Farming and Harvesting • Extraction and Processing • Isolate and Distillate • Seeds • Biomass

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