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Said plainly, high-quality CBD hemp begins with high-quality hemp genetics. We are proud to share that our proprietary hemp genetics have been meticulously bred by our Chief Agronomist and Geneticist, John Sutton, and his dedicated team who have over 25 years in breeding hemp and cannabis plants. With good reason, this team was awarded the 2018 Growers of the Year award by IndoExpo for their efforts to develop innovative, high-yield strains that germinate, vegetate, and flower better than other seeds on the market.

John’s seed and genetic development process hinges on breeding genetics to a fully feminized state (S1 to S5 generation), so they develop predictably when grown following the assigned SOP protocols. At Kadenwood BioSciences, we guarantee our seeds will outperform when tended properly and the SOPs are followed. Moreover, we want to teach you how to get the best out of our genetics and will be with you every step of the way as you grow.

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When grown in accordance with provided SOPs, fully-feminized seeds will not produce males or hermaphroditic plants. This eliminates the possibility of the plants producing pollen, thus lowering the risk of plants producing seeds in the field*. As any experienced grower understands, the presence of seeds can disrupt a plant's ability to produce cannabanoids and creates significant challenges downstream during processing. This means that crops that have been pollinated and are producing seeds in the field have less value than those that do not.

Additionally, fully-feminized seeds are much more stable and predictable. This means that many risks in the growing process, such as plants becoming "hot" by overproducing THC, are largely mitigated with fully-feminized seed because when SOPs are appropriately adhered to during the growing process it is much more likely you will produce a high-CBD, low-THC crop. 

*Female plants can still be pollinated by males in neighboring acreage. This is why it is important to work closely with area farmers to ensure genetics are clean, fully feminized, and not stressed during the growing process.

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